Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

For smoothing and minimising fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck.

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections in Surrey

Our Weybridge-based clinic specialises in delivering bespoke wrinkle-relaxing treatments to alleviate the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles on the face & neck.

Wrinkle Relaxing Injectables

The face and neck are full of muscles that are constantly tensing and relaxing as we move. As the skin ages, it begins to lose volume, resulting in the tendency for it to crease and fold when muscles are tense – causing wrinkles.

Forehead lines, frown lines, smile lines, crow’s feet, and bunny lines often arise from the repetitive grooving caused by facial expressions and other actions, leading the skin to eventually settle into these patterns.

Our Surrey based clinic offers wrinkle-relaxing injections, which effectively diminish the appearance of these lines by relieving the underlying muscles and preventing the formation of grooves. This results in a smoother and more youthful complexion, enhancing your overall facial aesthetic.

Our values are synonymous with a belief in the lightest touch to naturally enhance, always sure to embrace the wonder that is you.

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Treatment Time

30 minutes





Expected Results

Youthful rejuvenation



3-4 months

Prices From £285


Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

The Benefits

An effective anti-ageing solution for patients looking to reverse the signs of ageing, carried out by our expert medical aesthetic injectors.

The treatment involves administering small injections to block the signals that the nerves send to the muscle. This relaxation results in softer muscle movements that reduce the appearance of wrinkles in that area. A younger look to the face and neck can be restored while maintaining natural movement of the face.

As well as helping to reverse the signs of ageing, wrinkle relaxing injections can achieve successful outcomes for people who are affected by conditions, such as: excessive sweating, chronic headaches and migraines, jaw clenching, teeth grinding and jawline contouring.

• Effective at targeting the root cause of wrinkles
• FDA-approved and clinically proven
• Instant results
• Treatment for multiple conditions

Areas Treated By Wrinkle Relaxing Injections


The forehead contains powerful muscles which can cause deep folds in the skin. Forehead lines and frown lines are one of the most commonly treated areas, with wrinkle relaxing injectables producing fantastic results.

Eyes, Nose, & Mouth

The mouth and eyes are constantly in motion, flexing and creasing the skin around them. By delivering precise injections to certain areas around the mouth and eyes, we can reduce the appearance of smiles lines, bunny lines, crows feet, and more.

Chin, Jawline & Neck

Our wrinkle relaxing injections can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the jawline and neck by relaxing the muscles responsible for the wrinkling. The treatment is also capable of eliminating unwanted dimples on the chin or other areas of the face.

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Wrinkle Relaxing Injections – Frequently Asked Questions

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections could be an effective solution for people who wish to soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face and neck, where muscle movement is the cause. A comprehensive consultation will determine your suitability, however, you may not be suitable if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, undergoing IVF or have a skin infection or other disorder.
Wrinkle relaxing injections have been used for both medical and aesthetic conditions for many years, and have been subject to much research and development. The treatment is considered to be very safe nowadays and the reputation for producing a ‘frozen’ look has reduced. At Light Touch Clinic only trained injectors will perform this treatment, using stringent safety protocols.
The injections may cause small, red bumps to appear on the surface of the skin, which will disappear quite quickly after treatment. Any bruising that may be left behind can be hidden using make-up. Other complications are quite rare and will be explained to you during your pre-treatment consultation.
The administration of an injectable treatment can cause some slight discomfort. The needles that are used are very fine in size, to minimise sensitivity, and a numbing cream can be used if the patient would like.

A personalised plan of treatments will be put together during a pre-treatment assessment, according to your concerns. The appearance that wrinkle-relaxing injections can achieve for you will be realistic to your expectations, producing a look that is younger and fresher.

The results may take up to 2 weeks to develop and can last for around 3 – 4 months, upon which the product will naturally degrade. Your expert aesthetician will explain any necessary aftercare recommendations before treatment.