Dr GoFigure!

The ultimate body sculpting treatment, Exclusive to Light Touch Clinic.

Dr GoFigure
Dr GoFigure! in Surrey

Our clinic in Weybridge offered a transformative concept to effectively reduce fat and sculpt the body. The Dr GoFigure! programme is the brainchild of Dr Natalie Geary.

Dr GoFigure! Weight Loss

Discover the transformative concept of Dr GoFigure! exclusively at Light Touch Clinic in Weybridge – a unique approach that combines multiple devices to effectively reduce fat and sculpt a more refined physique.

Led by the expertise of Dr. Natalie Geary, this exclusive program introduces a fresh perspective and positive attitude towards weight loss. At Light Touch Clinic, Dr GoFigure! emerges as a comprehensive solution to help you achieve your desired body shape.

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Treatment Time

From 30 minutes, depending upon which part of the programme you are doing.





Expected Results

A visible reduction in fatty tissue (up to 6″)



Long term

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Dr GoFigure!

The Benefits

Dr GoFigure is a groundbreaking treatment programme utilising different fat loss treatments to help you lose weight safely and effectively. Offering a non-surgical alternative, this treatment minimises the adverse side effects typically associated with procedures such as liposuction and body wraps, providing a safer and more effective approach to fat loss.

Dr. Natalie Geary is the visionary behind Dr. GoFigure! and treats all of our patients at Light Touch Clinic. Renowned internationally for her exceptional expertise, patients from around the globe journey to receive treatment from Dr. Geary.

• Revolutionises weight loss
• Breaks down fatty tissues
• Can reduce the waistline by up to 6″
• Provides a safe alternative to surgery.

Dr GoFigure! Can Help To:

Reduce Fat

By systematically using some of the world’s best fat-loss devices, Dr GoFigure! targets and removes fatty tissue. By breaking down fat cells completely, they can be removed entirely from the body.


Dr GoFigure! treatments are applied to shape and sculpt your body to meet your goals. During your consultation Dr Natalie Geary will listen to your concerns and develop a treatment plan to suit you.

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Dr GoFigure! – Frequently Asked Questions

Dr GoFigure! is suitable for people who are looking for a safe and effective fat loss program. For best results, they need to be within 2 stone (12kg) of their ideal weight and should have an active lifestyle.

Dr GoFigure! is completely safe, with no downtime after treatment. It uses a combination of well-know devices to produce incredible results.
Dr GoFigure! is a painless procedure, after treatment you are able to continue normal daily activities straight away.
Dr GoFigure! is capable of producing fantastic results, potentially resulting in a loss of up to 6″ around the waistline.
There are no real risks associated with Dr GoFigure! and the treatment is generally very well tolerated.