Aliaxin Facial Fillers

For long-lasting natural beauty.

Aliaxin Facial Fillers in Surrey

Our clinic in Weybridge offers bespoke Aliaxin facial filler treatment, administered by our leading aesthetic doctors.

Aliaxin Facial Fillers

As we age, our skin naturally begins to lose its elasticity leading to wrinkles and lines, often it is our face that is most affected. Take back control of the way you look with bespoke Aliaxin treatment from Light Touch Clinic.

Aliaxin anti-ageing treatment is designed entirely around you and your needs. Our aesthetic doctors work with you to redefine the way you look to achieve a natural, beautiful appearance. Aliaxin filler treatment can help to rejuvenate facial features and preserve their natural look, with instant results after a single treatment.

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Treatment Time

From as little as 30 minutes





Expected Results

Facial rejuvenation



8-18 months

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Aliaxin Facial Fillers

The Benefits

Aliaxin is delivered directly to the desired treatment area via injection and provides a multi-layered boost for your skin. Experience three dimensional volume boosting as the hyaluronic acid-derived formula works to aid skin hydration and collagen levels – vital ingredients for a radiant glow.

We offer four types of Aliaxin, each with its own distinct molecular weight and distinct viscoelastic properties that can target 12 areas of the face. Our aesthetic doctors administer the treatment directly to the treatment area to create your desired results.

• Safe & minimally invasive
• Boosts facial volume
• Long-lasting
• Instant results
• Naturally enhancing

Aliaxin Formulations

Aliaxin SR

Helps to shape and restore a balanced look to the face. Applied to the tear troughs, temples and cheeks, the bio restructuring and lifting properties can help to redefine the facial structure for improved natural contouring.

Aliaxin EV

Delivers essential volume to areas of the face where adding volume can lift the features and restore overall balance to facial characteristics.

Aliaxin GP

Offers a global performance that can rejuvenate many areas of the face and is particularly effective for improving the appearance of more prominent creases (such as nasolabial folds).

Aliaxin FL

Targets the fine lines on the lips, restoring firmness and hydration for improved contouring and definition.

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Aliaxin Facial Fillers – Frequently Asked Questions

Light Touch Clinic takes an individual approach to each case – as does Aliaxin. The differences in formulations enable the treatment to be customised for each patient to produce unique results, according to the patient’s individual needs. An in-depth consultation prior to treatment, will help to determine the suitability of the procedure, which can be used on most skin types.
The practitioners at Light Touch Clinic undergo regular training not only to maintain up-to-date knowledge but also to ensure the precision of each treatment is upheld. Aliaxin facial fillers are a safe treatment that has a reputation for producing reliably effective results.

As an injectable procedure, you may incur some slight discomfort upon application, however, many patients describe their experience as relatively comfortable. Light Touch Clinic offers the use of a numbing cream, which will need to be administered prior to the treatment.

If this is preferred, the patient will need to inform their practitioner as the treatment time will need to be brought forward.

One treatment is all that is required to produce effective rejuvenation of the facial features. The treatment area will look younger, brighter and more radiant, as the features look fuller and firmer. To continually enjoy the results, a top-up may be required every 6 – 9 months.

We do not expect swelling and bruising after the application of facial fillers, they are a common side-effect, but most people don’t get anything. If this does occur, it will last for a few days but should not affect your ability to continue with normal daily activities.

Other complications associated with this procedure can include prolonged swelling, pain, itching, poor healing and scarring. Light Touch Clinic will ensure that all potential risks are explained to you before treatment.