Exilis Elite Contouring

Elite contouring for the body & face.

Exilis Elite
Exilis Elite Contouring in Surrey

Our clinic in Weybridge offers Exilis Elite Contouring treatment to treat excess fat and or loose skin to achieve a more sculpted, contoured appearance.

Exilis Elite Contouring For Face & Body

At Light Touch Clinic in Surrey, we offer Exilis Elite Contouring that can help to shape and sculpt areas of the face and body to boost confidence. Factors such as ageing, genetics, hormones, and, in certain instances, weight gain can alter the skin’s structure and the distribution of natural fat deposits.

This groundbreaking treatment harnesses the power of radiofrequency technology to shape the face & body. This innovative approach not only addresses stubborn fat but also tightens the skin, providing a comprehensive solution to enhance your natural contours.

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Treatment Time

30 minutes – 75 minutes



Little to none


Expected Results

Improved contouring of the face and body



Up to 2 years

Prices From £350


Exilis Elite Contouring

The Benefits

Suitable for use on areas of the face, neck and body, Exilis Elite contouring can effectively reduce the signs of ageing. A combination of radiofrequency technology and ultrasound are applied to the deeper layers of tissue beneath the skin’s surface. These targeted energies heat up the skin tissues, which stimulates the collagen fibres and triggers new collagen to be produced.

This effect helps to remodel the skin tissues and encourage them to become stronger and tighter. When the skin becomes firmer and more taut, it can help to give a fuller appearance to the skin that looks younger and smoother.

• Reduces the signs of ageing
• Shapes and sculpts the face & body
• Fat cells are naturally removed from the body

How Does Exilis Elite Contouring Work?


Exilis Elite Contouring treatment delivers 3.4Mhz frequencies at up to 120 Watts to the treatment area to stimulate and heat tissue deep within the skin.


Ultrasound is used during Exilis Elite Contouring treatment to stimulate fat lipolysis, aiding in the breakdown of fat cells, and collagen remodelling for skin tightening.

Skin Cooling

Skin Cooling is used in conjunction with ultrasound to eliminate fat cells and enhance collagen production for maximum contouring results.

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Exilis Elite Contouring – Frequently Asked Questions

One of the Light Touch clinics’ expert aestheticians with assess your level of skin laxity in order to make an informed recommendation of your suitability for the treatment.
A trained professional will carry out this FDA approved treatment and ensure this targeted procedure is executed with precision and care. The temperature of the skin is monitored closely throughout, to enable the treatment to be carried out swiftly, whilst also being able to monitor the treatment’s progression.
As the skin’s temperature is monitored closely throughout the procedure, your aesthetician can make any necessary adjustments to ensure you remain comfortable. Many people who undergo this procedure express a feeling to one that is similar to a heated massage.

Light Touch Clinic will often recommend that a course of 4 – 6 treatments will produce an effective outcome, depending on your personal circumstances and expected results.

Your expert aesthetician will be able to recommend a suitable program of follow-up treatments, going forward.

As this is a non-invasive procedure, the risk of complications is generally low. The most common effect that follows this treatment is slightly red skin, at the treatment site. This will typically settle within 1 – 2 hours and shouldn’t inhibit you from carrying on with your day as normal.