Microsclerotherapy Vein Treatment

Proven to be one of the most effective treatments to reduce the appearance of thread veins and spider veins.

Microsclerotherapy Treatment in Surrey

Our clinic in Weybridge offers bespoke Microsclerotherapy treatment, administered by our leading aesthetic doctors to reduce the appearance of vascular anomalies.

Microsclerotherapy Treatment

Thread veins or spider veins, known medically as telangiectasia varicose veins, are small clusters of veins that appear close to the surface of the skin on the face or legs. Microsclerotherapy is used to eliminate these veins, which can often have an unpleasant aesthetic appearance.

Microsclerotherapy uses a very fine needle to inject a small quantity of diluted “sclerosant” into the thread veins which causes them to shrink and disappear. Microsclerotherapy uses the same sclerosant solution as traditional sclerotherapy vein treatment, but as thread veins are generally small (less than 1-2mm in diameter) they require a more diluted sclerosant solution.

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Treatment Time

20 – 30 minutes





Expected Results

A removal of telangiectasia veins



Long term

Thread veins
Thread veins
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Microsclerotherapy Vein Treatment Surrey

The Benefits

Thread veins occur commonly in most adults, often appearing more frequently as we age. Microsclerotherapy offers a highly effective solution for those who wish to eliminate vascular anomalies, successfully treating 75-90% of cases within 6-12 weeks.

Due to the nature of thread veins, it is usually necessary to undergo more than one treatment to ensure all of the thread veins have been eliminated. At Light Touch Clinic in Surrey, we operate walk-in, walk-out Microsclerotherapy treatment than enables you to return to normal daily activities the same day.

• Safe & minimally invasive
• Return to daily activities the same day
• Permanent results
• Eliminates the appearance of telangiectasia veins

About Microsclerotherapy

Treatment Process

During Microsclerotherapy treatment a very fine needle is used to inject a diluted quantity of sclerosant into the thread veins. This specialised serum causes clotting which stops blood flow within the vein and causes it to fade away.


The diluted sclerosant serum that is used for Microsclerotherapy can only be administered in specific quantities that cannot be exceeded in s single treatment session. For this reason it might be necessary to undergo multiple sessions in order to completely eliminate particularly large areas of thread veins. This will be dicussed during your consultation with us.


Microsclerotherapy results will usually become more apparent 6-12 weeks after your first treatment. This is because it takes time for the treated veins to shrink and disappear. Full aftercare instructions will be discussed during your consultation with our Microsclerotherapy expert.

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Before & After Microsclerotherapy

Microsclerotherapy – Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts at Light Touch Clinic take great care in ensuring we deliver an appropriate treatment for each of our clients, and Microsclerotherapy treatment is no exception.

During your initial consultation with us, our Microsclerotherapy experts will assess if the treatment is suitable for you, discuss the treatment in detail, and create a bespoke treatment plan to maximise your results.

Our expert Microsclerotherapy practitioners at Light Touch Clinic in Surrey undergo regular training to ensure our treatment standards are always exceptional. We operate strict safety standards for our Microsclerotherapy treatment to maintain the highest levels of safety throughout our treatments.
Microsclerotherapy treatment is a procedure that involves small injections around thread veins. We will apply local anaesthetic creams to numb the treatment area to maximise your comfort. Generally, Microsclerotherapy treatment is very well tolerated.
Microsclerotherapy treatment offers long-term results for the reduction of thread vein appearance. Treatment is highly successful, completely removing thread veins for 75-90% of patients. Results generally occur in the 6-12 weeks following treatment and it is usually recommended to undergo more than one treatment to ensure all of the thread veins are treated. You may experience slight bruising in the area treated.
Microsclerotherapy treatment is generally very well tolerated. We operate within strict regulations to ensure risks are minimised throughout treatment. For larger areas of thread veins we may ask you to return for a second treatment due to a limitation in the amount of sclerosant we can administer in one session.