Light Touch Clinic specialises in the safe and effective treatment of Rosacea. Our skin experts offer the latest treatments to address the causes and symptoms of Rosacea.

About Rosacea

Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes the skin to appear red or flushed. It most commonly affects the face, in particular the cheeks, and is caused by the enlargement of blood vessels in the area.

Unfortunately, there is currently no permanent cure for Rosacea, however, with the appropriate treatment and care it is possible to control the symptoms of Rosacea to achieve a more even, natural complexion.

Rosacea is often mistaken for other skin problems, including acne and dermatitis, because of the characteristics these conditions share. Those who suffer from Rosacea can sometimes experience flare-ups which result in a more textured skin appearance, occasionally resulting in the formation of pus-filled bumps on the surface of the skin.

Without the appropriate treatment, it is possible for Rosacea to worsen, causing an increasing number of undesirable side effects such as burning skin, eye problems, and enlargement of the nose.

At Light Touch Clinic in Surrey, we specialise in the treatment and control of Rosacea. We use highly effective treatments to restore a more natural complexion and minimise the risk of a Rosacea flare-up.

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Recommended Treatments


Intense pulsed light treatment that helps uneven skin tone and rejuvenates the skin by reducing pigmentation and thread (spider) veins.


Through a combination of powerful and nourishing ingredients, Hydrafacial treatment uses 6 stages of skin cleansing treatment to revive the look and feel of your skin.


The Dermalux LED lamp delivers controlled wavelengths of red, blue and infrared light into the skin, at the required depth, to target cells damaged by UV radiation.

Advanced Skin Care

Our skincare experts ensure your skin receives the right kind of advanced skincare products that are an ideal match for your skin type & tone.

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