Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

For the effective control & removal of fungal nail infections.

Laser Fungal Nail Treatment in Surrey

Our clinic in Weybridge offers laser nail fungus removal treatment with the Lunula Laser. Our treatment helps to control & stop fungal outbreaks on the nail.

Laser for Fungal Nail Infections

At Light Touch Clinic, we specialise in the treatment of fungal nail infections with the Lunula Cold laser platform. Fungal nail infections affect roughly 10% of adults, most commonly affecting the toes, and over-the-counter solutions often fall short.

The Lunula Cold laser that is used in our clinic in Surrey is suitable for use on both finger and toenails. It is undertaken by a trained professional. This treatment is a very effective solution for eradicating a fungal nail infection, but it is not a permanent solution and it will not completely prevent an infection from developing in the future.

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Treatment Time

12 minutes for each hand or foot.





Expected Results

Healthy looking nails




Prices From £100

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Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

The Benefits

Our fungal nail treatment involves penetrating the affected nail with a low-level laser, without damaging the surrounding skin or tissues. The Lunula Cold Laser combines 2 different wavelengths – 405nm and 635nm, both playing a role in restoring healthy nail growth. The fungal pathogens are destroyed by the 405nm wavelength, whilst an increase in blood flow is encouraged by the 635nm wavelength.

The laser beam rotates to ensure that the entire surface area of the nail is treated and all of the fungus is destroyed. Series of treatments will need to be arranged in order to improve this condition – usually four sessions spaced six weeks apart. Treatment will depend on the severity of the condition and the patient’s individual response to the treatment. Once the infection is under control, a regular course of follow-up treatments can help to ensure the condition doesn’t return or spread to the other nails.

• Destroys nail fungus
• Encourages blood flow
• Fungus growth is controlled by follow-up treatments
• Restores health nail growth
• 12 minute treatment time

How Laser Nail Fungus Treatment Works

Fungus Treatment

The Lunula Cold laser uses a 405nm laser wavelength to eradicate nail fungus pathogens. This specific wavelength directly targets fungus and ensures the surrounding healthy nail and skin remains unharmed.

Nail Repair

After the nail fungus has been destroyed, it is important for the healthy nail to receive a strong blood supply to maximise repair. The 635nm wavelength emitted by the Lunula Cold laser stimulates blood flow around the nail to speed up recovery.

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Laser Nail Fungus Treatment – Frequently Asked Questions

The symptoms of fungal nails are as follows: discoloured, thick, brittle nails that can break or peel easily. If you are worried that you have a fungal nail infection that has not responded effectively to an over-the-counter medication, then a full assessment at Light Touch Clinic may determine your suitability.
Lunula cold laser treatment is considered to be very safe when undertaken by trained professionals, such as the team at Light Touch Clinic. Unlike other laser procedures, this treatment does not use the same degree of heat and therefore lowers the risk of side effects and other complications.
The Lunula cold laser device does not incur any pain to the patient, during or after the treatment.
The outcome from this treatment may take some time before it is noticeable. The nail generally grows at a rate of 1mm a month, so it may take around 6 months before any improvements are noticeable. For the nail to completely grow out 12 – 18 months may need to be allowed.
Laser nail fungus removal treatment is very well tolerated by more people with a minimal chance of side effects.

Although laser nail fungus treatment is extremely effective at removing fungus, it cannot guarantee fungus won’t return in the future.

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