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For a tailored approach to your skin’s health.

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Healthier Skin With Advanced Skincare

Our clinic in Weybridge offers bespoke advanced skincare treatments to improve the health of your skin for a more refreshed, brighter complexion.

Maintaining great skin with a clear complexion can be hard work and often requires a daily skincare routine that involves cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising. This is coupled with a general reduction in skin quality as a person gets older – some careful intervention is required to maintain a more youthful and vibrant appearance.

A Skin Health review at Light Touch Clinic is the first step to brighter healthier skin. Our skincare experts ensure your skin receives the right kind of advanced skincare products by finding an ideal match for your individual skin type and tone.

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Long term results with regular use

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Advanced Skincare

The Benefits

Many people do not realise that they are using the wrong products for their skin, which often has counterproductive results. By taking the time to have the skin expertly examined, the patient can feel confident that their individual concerns are being addressed, including: fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation, acne, skin laxity and rosacea.

The Skin Health review can be carried out at our clinic in Surrey, virtually or over the phone. A series of questions can help to determine the patient’s individual skin type, to then recommend the product(s) that will best help to improve the look and feel of the skin.

Light Touch Clinic uses only the most reputable brands on the aesthetic market that are clinically proven to work, including: SkinCeuticals, ZO Skin Health and ZENii. In just a few weeks the renewal process will start to take effect and the improving condition of the skin becomes noticeable.

• Treats a variety of skin concerns
• For more radiant skin
• Bespoke skincare plan
• Long-term results

Advanced Skincare Benefits

Our Skincare Experts

During our advanced skincare treatment sessions, you will receive advice from our skincare experts about your individual skin type.

We will conduct research into your exact skin makeup and suggest products that will have a direct positive impact on your skin to boost its health, radiance and youth.

Long Term Skin Health

Long-term skin health can be retained through regular use, combined with the daily application of a suitable SPF. The products can be used at home or in the clinic, as a sole treatment regimen or alongside other treatments available at the clinic.

Doctors are also available at Light Touch Clinic if a more progressive approach to your skincare is required and a prescription-only product is the most beneficial route.

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Advanced skincare beforeAdvanced skincare after

Advanced Skincare – Before & After

Advanced Skincare – Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced skin care is very beneficial for many people and their individual skin care needs. A wide range of products from a variety of brands are available at Light Touch Clinic that can be tailored to suit a great many skin types and tones, even those that are very sensitive.

By attending a Skin health review at Light Touch Clinic, we can analyse your skin and give you recommendations so you can achieve strong, healthy skin.

Light Touch Clinic uses the most effective and proven skincare brands available on the aesthetics market, including products that are available by prescription only.

Through conducting an examination of the skin by a trained and skilled expert, combined with clinically proven and scientifically tested products, advanced skin care products are considered to be very safe.

Using advanced skin care products is completely non-invasive and will therefore incur no pain upon application. Some in-clinic treatments can produce a little discomfort, depending on the type of treatment that is being carried out, such as a chemical peel. In these instances, Light Touch Clinic will offer the application of a topical numbing cream to alleviate any sensitivity.

If at-home products cause any skin irritation then it is advised that you stop using them immediately and contact the clinic for advice.

In most cases, when regularly using an advanced skincare product, it will take up to 6 weeks before the results start to become noticeable. This is because the skin’s natural processes of renewal and repair will take this amount of time to evolve.

The transformation of the skin will continue to develop over the course of a few months, improving the look of ageing features, pigmentation issues, skin inflammation and sun damage. Maintaining a clear, youthful and vibrant look will require regular and continued use.

It is rare to develop complications from the use of advanced skincare due to the process we use to help you choose products. Please remember to tell us about any health concerns or known allergies.

Some products may include ingredients that would cause the skin to be sensitive to sun exposure, upon which, daily use of a high SPF would also be recommended.