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Light Touch Clinic specialises in the treatment of dark circles under the lower lid of the eyes. Our skin experts offer the latest treatments to restore volume and colour beneath the eyes.

About Dark Circles

Dark circles present themselves as shadows beneath the lower eyelids, often appearing as purple, brown or grey in colour. Affecting both men and women, dark circles are often associated with tiredness, and although a contributing factor, dark circles can be caused by a variety of different reasons.

Ageing can significantly increase the likelihood of dark circles forming. As part of the ageing process, the skin in the area beneath the eyes can become thin due to a loss of fatty tissue. This can cause the blood vessels beneath the skin to become more visible, giving the darkened effect. Ageing can also cause hollows to develop under the lower lid (known as tear troughs), or eye bags, casting a shadow.

Dark circles that arise due to pigmentation issues can be worsened by sun exposure. This occurs because UV rays can trigger the production & overproduction of Melanin (the skin’s pigment). In some cases, dark circles can even be caused due to medical conditions such as thyroid conditions, anaemia, dermatitis, hay fever and other allergies.

At Light Touch Clinic, we specialise in the treatment of dark circles with highly effective treatments designed to boost your complexion & relieve tired, dark-looking eyes. Speak to us today about a consultation to discuss the best treatment for you.

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Recommended Treatments

Dermalux LED Light Therapy

The Dermalux LED lamp delivers controlled wavelengths of red, blue and infrared light into the skin, at the required depth, to target cells damaged by UV radiation.


Through a combination of powerful and nourishing ingredients, Hydrafacial treatment uses 6 stages of skin cleansing treatment to revive the look and feel of your skin.

Dermal Fillers

Our specialist aesthetic doctors deliver a fully bespoke dermal filler treatment that is tailored to you, enhancing your natural look.

Tixel Laser Treatment

Tixel is a versatile skin treatment designed to counteract various skin-related conditions through laser skin resurfacing for a rejuvenated appearance.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP treatment harnesses the power of your own blood in order to treat a variety of concerns. PRP can be used to improve the appearance of ageing skin, skin injuries and scars.

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Dark Circles – Frequently Asked Questions

Reducing dark circles often involves a combination of approaches tailored to individual needs.

Options include topical treatments which can target pigmentation and increase collagen production.

Treatments such as dermal fillers, LED light therapy, PRP and more can improve skin texture and reduce discolouration.

Additionally, addressing underlying issues like allergies or sinus problems can help alleviate dark circles.

Dark under-eye circles are not always permanent and can be improved with various treatments and lifestyle changes. Factors such as genetics, skin tone, age, and lifestyle habits can influence the severity of dark circles.

Adequate sleep, hydration, and a balanced diet can help reduce their appearance.

Contact us to book a consultation at our skin clinic to learn more about the range of treatments for dark circles we have.

Dark circles can affect people of all skin tones, but their appearance may vary depending on skin pigmentation. In individuals with lighter skin tones, dark circles may appear more visibly due to the contrast between the dark circles and the surrounding skin.

However, dark circles can also affect people with deeper skin tones, manifesting as hyperpigmentation or discolouration.

Yes, stress can worsen dark circles under the eyes. When stressed, the body releases cortisol, a hormone that can cause blood vessels to dilate and become more visible under the thin skin around the eyes.

Stress can also lead to poor sleep quality and increased fatigue, which can exacerbate the appearance of dark circles. Moreover, stress can contribute to unhealthy lifestyle habits such as poor diet and lack of hydration, which further impact skin health and the appearance of dark circles.

Managing stress through relaxation techniques, adequate sleep, and self-care practices can help minimise its effects on dark circles.

Yes, dark circles can signal underlying health issues. Conditions like allergies, sinus congestion, anaemia, thyroid disorders, and dehydration can contribute to their appearance. These conditions can cause inflammation, swelling, or a pale complexion, accentuating dark circles.

Yes, dark circles can be genetic. Genetics play a significant role in determining the thickness and quality of the skin under the eyes, as well as the distribution of blood vessels and pigmentation. Individuals with a family history of dark circles are more likely to experience them themselves.

While genetics contribute to the predisposition for dark circles, other factors such as sleep quality, allergies, and lifestyle habits can also influence their appearance.

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