Thin Lips & Lip Lines

Our experts at Light Touch Clinic specialise in the effective treatment of thin lips & lip lines to address wrinkles around the lips and volume loss.

About Thin Lips & Lip Lines

Lips come in all sorts of shapes & sizes, thinner lips can be inherited. However, thin lips and lip lines can also develop with age. When ageing is responsible for a decrease in the size of the lips, it is due to a decline in collagen levels and supporting muscles starting to tire. This loss of volume not only impacts the lips, but also the skin around the lips leading to the formation of lines around the mouth.

Lip lines can also be referred to as ‘smoker’s lines’ and ‘lipstick lines’. These wrinkles appear as small vertical lines that affect the upper or lower lip. Although the changing structure of the skin plays a big part in the development of wrinkles, it is also the case that thinner lips & lip lines can be caused by environmental & lifestyle choices.

Light Tough Clinic specialises in the treatment of thin lips & lip lines to restore volume to the lips and surrounding skin. Book a consultation with us today to speak to our experts about the best treatment for you.

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