Hayley Toogood

Emerald Laser Lead / Front of House

Hayley has been with Light Touch for 3 years now, starting as front of house and now our Emerald Laser Lead. Hayley has exceptional customer service skills and is often the first face you will see on a visit to the clinic. Ready to welcome our clients with a smile and refreshments, Hayley will make sure your trip to Light Touch is a memorable one.

Hayley is here to advise you on all things Emerald laser, answer any questions you may have before starting your weight loss and wellness journey with us. One of the core values at the heart of Light Touch Clinic is the patient experience, and Hayley is integral to ensuring that everything we do here is executed with the patient in mind.

When outside of work, Hayley loves to be outdoors and soak up time with family, as well as making time for regular visits to the gym.

Hayley Toogood

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Hayley Toogood

Emerald Lead / Front of House

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