The advanced dual-effect injectable to hydrate lift and plump your skin.

HArmonyCa filler
HArmonyCa Fillers in Surrey

Our clinic in Weybridge offers bespoke HArmonyCa filler treatment, administered by our leading aesthetic doctors.

HArmonyCa Fillers

HArmonyCa filler is a revolutionary hybrid injectable that offers dual anti-ageing benefits. HArmonyCa solution provides immediate lifting of the cheeks and jawline while simultaneously stimulating the production of natural skin enhancing proteins such as collagen. The results speak for themselves and can last up to 18 months.

Our aesthetics practitioners will work with you to develop a HArmonyCa treatment that meets your exact needs. Book a consultation with our experts today to discuss HArmonyCa, and find out how it can help you reclaim a more youthful, lifted appearance.

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Cheek fillers

Treatment Time

30-60 minutes





Expected Results

Lifted jawline & cheeks



up to 18 months

Prices From £900

Light Touch Clinic

HArmonyCa Fillers

The Benefits

HArmonyCa is created by Allergan Aesthetics, global leader in injectables, renowned for their innovative anti-ageing injectables and the same company that created Juvéderm.

Active ingredients within HArmonyCa are in a similar concentration to Hyaluronic Acid and Calcium Hydroxyapatite dermal fillers combined into a single injectable. The two-step approach provides an immediate lifting effect, but also simultaneously stimulates the collagen production within your skin.

HArmonyCa revives the skin and begins the anti-ageing process from deep within the skin’s dermal layers.

• Safe & minimally invasive
• Restores cheek & jawline volume
• Long-lasting
• Instant results
• Naturally enhancing

How Does HArmonyCa Treatment Work?

Administered by our highly trained doctor-led injectable practitioners, HArmonyCa is most commonly injected via a cannula into the cheek and jawline area, enhancing the mid-face area.

As soon as the solution is injected, hyaluronic acid diffuses in the dermal layers of the skin, boosting volume instantly. The deeper tissue is also stimulated by calcium hydroxyapatite within the HArmonyCa solution which enhances the growth of fibroblasts within the skin.

This process aids in the formation of new collagen fibres, and begins to replenish lost volume. A framework of collagen fibre begins to form within the first few weeks after treatment, and continues to develop long after the hyaluronic acid has broken down leading to long-term treatment results.

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Who is HArmonyCa Treatment Most Suitable For?

Our practitioners generally recommend that HArmonyCa treatment is used alongside another facial filler treatment. This treatment is particularly suited for those who want to restore a nature volume to the jawline and cheek area. HArmonyCa can also help to reduce the signs of small wrinkles on the mid-face area.

Patients should expect their skin to appear lifted, volumised, and tightened, creating a more youthful and radiant expression. HArmonyCa treatment works particularly well alongside dermal fillers, aiding in the supporting of the skin’s natural structure. This combination allows for the targeting of different layers of skin to enhance the affects of both treatments.

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HArmonyCa Fillers – Frequently Asked Questions

Light Touch Clinic adopts a personalised approach to every treatment, including HArmonyCa. HArmonyCa is an effective way of producing anti-ageing results for the cheek and jawline area. We provide a comprehensive consultation to discuss the procedure and assess its suitability for you.
The professionals at Light Touch Clinic regularly undergo training sessions to stay updated with the best treatment practices enabling us to maximise the safety of every treatment. HArmonyCa fillers are renowned for their safety and consistent delivery of effective results.
As an injectable treatment, you might experience minor discomfort during application, though many patients find it quite tolerable.

Our practitioners can also provide a numbing cream option, which can be applied before the procedure. If preferred, patients should notify their practitioner in advance.

HArmonyCa fillers are most effective after 2-3 treatment sessions, however, you will see results instantly after just one treatment.

The results from this treatment will continue to develop over a period of around 3 months as the Hyaluronic Acid boosts collagen production within the skin tissue.

HAmonyCa treatment is generally very well tolerated. There may sometimes be small amounts of bruising or swelling around the treatment area for a few days post-treatment, however, this is unlikely. You will be able to return to normal daily activities straight after treatment.

Light Touch Clinic will ensure that all potential risks are explained to you before treatment.

HarmonyCa offers a solution for most facial rejuvenation procedures. Research indicates that 86% of treated facial areas see notable improvement after treatment.

From nasolabial folds to marionette lines, and from eyebrows, cheekbones, and temples to the chin, jawline, and nose bridge, this versatile injectable can replenish lost volume and leave the skin looking and feeling healthier.