Body Ballancer®

Stimulate your lymphatic system to re-energise and refresh your body.

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Body Ballancer® in Surrey

Our clinic in Weybridge offers specialist Body Ballancer® treatment to aid the functioning of the lymphatic system for improved toxin removal and circulation.

Body Ballancer® For Improved Lymphatic Function

Weight loss can be challenging for some, and no matter which weight loss programmes you follow or which foods you eat, the results may not meet your expectations. But this doesn’t mean losing weight for you is impossible, it could just mean you may have a slow lymphatic system.

Lymphatic drainage is an important process that enables the body to naturally process fats, regulate fluids and remove toxins from our body. A lymphatic drainage machine, like our new Body Ballancer® suit, uses compression to stimulate lymphatic system movements. This enhances the normal function of the lymphatic system to enable it to break down built-up toxins and reduce excessive fluid levels in the body.

By replicating the natural processes, the Body Ballancer® offers a non-invasive, effective and even enjoyable solution that leaves you feeling refreshed and energised after just one treatment. This lymphatic drainage treatment can even help to improve the appearance of cellulite due to improved fluid regulation.

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Expected Results

Improvement in your overall skin quality, as well as a reduction in toxins and pathogens.


Treatment Time

30 minutes – 60 minutes






To see the best results that will last, we recommend a treatment course, the length of which will depend on your needs.

Body Balancer From £70
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Body Ballancer
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Body Ballancer®

Lymphatic Drainage Benefits

The Body Ballancer® uses a patented compression system that stimulates lymphatic drainage and acts as a circulation booster. The Body Ballancer® is essentially an elongated pair of trousers that cover the legs, waist, and chest with 24 individual air chambers that overlap within them.

To boost lymphatic drainage, the Body Ballancer® applies compression strokes that simulate the body’s natural lymphatic system. Our therapists ensure the compression is optimal for your individual case to maximise your results.

This induces lymphatic flow from the base of the limb to the torso, enhances circulation and effectively decongests problem areas such as the hips, thighs, and buttocks.

The Body Ballancer® is a unique lymphatic circulation booster that expedites the removal of waste products and excess fluid through the lymphatic system, thereby diminishing the appearance of cellulite, enhancing skin tone, and reducing volume in areas affected by fluid retention. Its gentle and rhythmic action not only promotes relaxation but also boosts immune system function.

• Enhances lymphatic function
• Improves blood flow
• Aids the reduction of cellulite
• Reduces fluid retention

Body Ballancer® Tretaments

Lymphatic Drainage

Our Body Ballancer can help to improve the function of the lymphatic system by encouraging positive lymphatic movement.

Improved Blood Flow

By contracting & releasing in rhythm the Body Ballancer aids in improving blood flow throughout the whole body, assisting in remedying a range of concerns.

Fluid Retention

Because of the improved lymphatic drainage, which is stimulated the Body Ballancer, the body is able to process excess fluid more effectively to reduce fluid retention.


The Body Ballancer massages help to boost circulation flooding oxygenated blood to the treated areas. This helps to effectively break down the build-up of cellulite, reducing volume and slimming, firming and smoothing affected skin.

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Body Ballancer® – Frequently Asked Questions

Our Body Ballancer® suit is safe and effective for most people, although it is not recommended for those suffering from ischemic vascular disease, cardiac insufficiency or suspected or confirmed deep vein thrombosis. Neither is it advised for people experiencing pain or numbness not evaluated by a doctor, or who have infected skin or an infected wound.

At Light Touch Clinic we only ever use well-regarded treatments that have been cleared by the FDA. This technology is perfectly safe if you are free from the contraindications listed above. Our highly trained staff are dedicated to your safety and any possible issues will be identified in the initial consultation.

Quite apart from being painful, clients report that the gentle and gradual compression feels comfortable and relaxing and that they leave the treatment room lighter, refreshed and energised!
Accelerated weight loss, reduced buildup of fluids and minimised appearance of cellulite!

Effects can usually be felt after a single session, although you may choose to have regular treatments to maintain results. The number of sessions required depends on your reason for choosing lymphatic drainage, with a personalised course of treatments recommended for reducing cellulite or improving skin tone.

This treatment causes no pain and no side effects, although we recommend checking the list of contraindications to ensure you are safe to have this treatment.