The EMS Suit

For enhanced fat loss and muscle toning.

EMS Suit Training in Surrey

Our clinic in Weybridge offers a one-of-a-kind EMS Suit treatment that leaves you feeling and looking your fittest.

EMS Fitness Suit

At Light Touch Clinic, we understand the challenges of balancing a busy life with the desire for a fit and healthy body – this is where the EMS Suit can help. Our innovative electromyostimulation, or electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) suit is designed to provide a full-body workout in just 20 minutes!

Life’s demands may limit your time, energy, and motivation, but the cutting-edge EMS Suit allows you to efficiently work your muscles and burn fat at an incredible rate. Experience the results of an intense training session without the time constraints, leaving you looking and feeling your fittest ever!

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EMS Suit

Treatment Time

This will depend on the length of your session, but we suggest around 20-30 minutes.



There is no downtime, and you can return to normal activities immediately after your session.


Expected Results

You will notice a change in the rate at which your body burns fat when the EMS suit is used on a regular basis.



You will need to take part in regular exercise to maintain your results.

Prices From £40

EMS Suit
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The EMS Suit

The Benefits

EMS stands for electromyostimulation, or electrical muscle stimulation, which is exactly what this suit does. Pads inside the garment transmit electrical currents to your muscles, causing them to expand and contract in the same way they would if you were working out the old-fashioned way. It stimulates all major muscle groups, even the ones that are harder to activate via a brain signal, making the session a comprehensive toning experience. As you might expect, it also accelerates fat burning, leaving you slimmer, stronger and healthier.

The EMS workout is so effective that we include the opportunity to use it as part of our expansive DrGoFigure! programme, which focuses on weight loss and lifestyle changes. Suit up with Dr. GoFigure! or focus on the isolated experience with one of our highly trained, highly qualified practitioners.

• Experience the results of a full-body workout
• Builds & tones muscle
• Burns fat
• Stimulate all major muscle groups
• Use in conjunction with DrGoFigure!

EMS Suit Benefits

Muscle Toning

The EMS Suit acts to electronically stimulate muscle contractions in the most effective way possible for your body. In a similar way to a traditional workout, the EMS suit will help to tone and even build muscle without the need to lift a finger!

Fat Loss

The EMS Suit can aid significantly in fat loss by burning calories during and after treatment. The electronically stimulated muscle contractions will use the same amount of energy as an old-fashioned workout, resulting in a fat loss that is identical to a full body workout.

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The EMS Suit – Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the nature of the treatment, combining both physical exercise and electrostimulation, there are a number of conditions that prevent EMS training. For example, people with pacemakers or cardiac defibrillators or those suffering from epilepsy should never undergo this kind of treatment.

Similarly, conditions relating to circulation, diabetes and cancerous diseases render this unsuitable. Speak to your doctor if you have any concerns. Our qualified trainers will discuss your medical history prior to starting an exercise programme with you.

Our EMS suit is designed by XBody, a leading manufacturer of this kind of technology. We have the utmost confidence in our suit and our personal trainers.

Our continuous training, excellent equipment and high level of expertise make us one of the safest places to use an EMS suit, while any medical issues will be identified at our one-on-one personal consultation.

Not at all. People who have used the suit report a vibrating sensation akin to a pulse. There may be some tingling or warming where the electrodes meet the skin, but an EMS session is completely painless.
Within one 20-minute session, you will feel the equivalent effects of a strenuous full-body 90-minute workout, boosting metabolic activity and strengthening the muscles by repeated expansion and contraction. Just one to two sessions are enough to start seeing changes, although more sessions are required for the EMS suit to produce maximum results.

Risks are present with unregulated or mishandled equipment, such as muscle injury, but when the correct methodology is used, the only side effects should be the same level of soreness that you would expect from a full-body workout.