Teeth Grinding

Our experts at Light Touch Clinic specialise in the safe and effective treatment of teeth grinding (Bruxism), often associated with anxiety or stress.

About Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, also known as Bruxism, can be a habit that is often triggered by anxiety or stress. A person is often unaware that they are grinding their teeth as it mainly occurs during sleep, but the effects can be visible as the teeth can become worn and misshapen. A headache or soreness to the jaw upon waking can be another indicator, or others may hear the sound of grinding in the night. When bruxism occurs at night it is often found that the person also has other sleep-related problems, such as sleep apnea (pauses in breathing) or snoring.

When bruxism occurs during the day, this too can be an unconscious action that largely relates to stress and involves involuntary teeth grinding or clenching of the jaw.

Although mild bruxism is not much of a concern, more significant bruxism can lead to problems with the teeth as they become fragile and vulnerable to fracturing – requiring attention from a dentist often becoming expensive.

Our experts at Light Touch Clinic can deliver treatment that can help to reduce teeth grinding and alleviate the side effects. Book a consultation with us today to speak to our experts about the treatment we offer.

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Recommended Treatments

Muscle Relaxing Injections

Muscle-relaxing injections are used to relax the muscles around the jaw that over-contract and contribute to teeth grinding. These are the same injections used during our wrinkle relaxing treatment.

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