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Light Touch Clinic specialises in the safe and effective treatment of fungal nail infections to halt spread of fungus and restore normal nail growth.

About Fungal Nails

Nail fungus usually affects toenails, though it is possible to experience a fungal infection of the fingernails as well. Although fungal nails are generally harmless, they can cause concern due to their appearance, while also taking a considerable amount of time to clear.

Fungal organisms, or fungi, are the most likely reason for developing a fungal nail infection, although yeasts & moulds can also be responsible. This condition usually starts with a white or yellow spot appearing under the nail. This can progress to the nail becoming thick, discoloured and crumbling at the edges, as the infection sets in, with more than one nail being affected. People often look to treat this condition from the irritation and discomfort it can lead to, as well as the unattractive appearance it can give.

The risk of developing a fungal nail infection can be increased through a history of athlete’s foot, excessive sweating, injury to the nail or skin and going barefoot in damp communal areas – such as swimming pools. Good hygiene and breathable footwear can help to reduce the risk of a fungal nail infection.

Our nail fungal experts at Light Touch Clinic provide comprehensive treatment to eradicate bacteria & fungus associated with these infections. Our treatment also promotes natural blood flow to the affected area, boosting natural nail growth. Book a consultation with one of our experts today to discuss our bespoke nail fungal treatment options.

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Recommended Treatments

Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

The Lunula Cold laser is suitable for use on both finger & toenails. This treatment is an effective solution for eradicating a fungal nail infection.

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