Lip Enhancement in Surrey

Light Touch Clinic in Surrey has a five-star reputation for Lip Enhancements.

Lip Enhancement in Surrey

Our clinic in Surrey specialises in lip enhancement through cosmetic injectables. Led by the UK’s ‘best doctor for Botox® and Fillers’.

Lip Enhancement Treatment in Surrey

Our Surrey Clinic is run by ‘The best doctor in the UK for fillers in the UK™”. Awarded to Light Touch founder Dr Nathalie Geary by the prestigious Tatler Magazine.

We are a leading authority for fillers in Surrey and across the UK, including lip augmentations. We work to ensure all of our lip enhancement treatments at our Surrey clinic are not only world-class but affordable.

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Treatment Time

Up to 60 minutes



Little to none


Expected Results

Enhanced lip appearance



Up to 1 year

Semi-permenant makeup
Light Touch Clinic

Lip Enhancement in Surrey

About Lip Treatments At Our Surrey Clinic

Non-surgical lip enhancement is now the leading option for those who wish to remedy some aspect of the appearance of their lips.

Lip fillers can treat a range of common concerns, including thin lips, vertical lip lines and also dry lips.

Thin lips and mouth wrinkles can be a concern related to genetics, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices. Our lip enhancement treatment offers a fast, painless solution without the need for surgery.

The lip fillers we use at our clinic in Surrey are a form of dermal filler that has a special formulation to be kinder to this sensitive part of the face.

Lip Enhancement Process


The first stage with any non-surgical treatment is a thorough consultation at our Surrey clinic. This is an opportunity for you to discuss the concerns you have with your lips and the change you seek and for us to offer our expertise and suggested plan of best action.

In many cases, fillers will be the perfect option. We use the leading brands – Juvederm and Aliaxin for all of our lip enhancement treatments.


The process itself would see careful injections made of the filler gel, through a micro cannula. The filler contains hyaluronic acid, which stimulates collagen creation to help to re-volumise the lips, giving them a fuller, more attractive appearance.

Treatment time will be an hour at most, it is a process that is almost entirely pain-free, though a localised numbing cream can be used if desired.


The high-quality fillers we use for lip enhancement in our Surrey clinic act to hydrate the lips and the surrounding area, thus removing any dry appearance and helping to make the lips, and the entire face more youthful in appearance.

The filler can also resolve issues such as vertical lines around the lips. This allows for total rejuvenation of the mouth area.

Lip Enhancement Treatment Results in Surrey

Lip fillers can achieve superb results. The fillers we use are of the highest quality, and always administered with maximum skill and care.

We understand the skill required to apply lip enhancement fillers in an effective and safe treatment. Our doctor-led clinic withholds maximum standards for all dermal filler procedures to maximise safety and results for all clients.

Our clinic stands as a leading lip enhancement clinic in Surrey, backed by a long list of satisfied clients.

Results are not permanent, but the high-quality filler we use can last for up to a year. After this, it would simply require another similar treatment to maintain the results you desire.

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Lip Enhancement – Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have naturally thin lips or have lost volume through ageing, lip fillers can help to recontour and re-volumise the lips. Lip fillers, not only help redefine the shape of the lips but can improve fine lines around the mouth as well.

Before any treatment, our experts will consult with you to discuss your needs and to explain the risks and benefits of having lip filler.

Juvederm and Aliaxin fillers for augmenting the lips are clinically proven brands that are used by the clinic for their excellent reputation in safety, and are FDA approved. Light Touch Clinic are proud to say they invest continually in the quality of their staff and ensure they undertake a regular program of training. This ensures that high standards within the clinic are upheld, including the care and safety of all patients.
Lip fillers at Light Touch Clinic are administered through the use of a micro-cannula. This may be a little uncomfortable upon insertion but this technique enables the procedure to be less painful than with other injectable techniques.

We normally apply topical numbing cream prior to the treatment to ensure maximal comfort.

The outcome of this treatment is to replace the volume in the lips that has been lost. Light Touch Clinic’s lip augmentation specialist aims to create a subtly fuller look to the lips, by following the patient’s natural contouring.

The results of lip filler treatment will last between 9 & 12 months, at which point a follow-up procedure will bring back the look you have come to adore. For 48 hours you will need to avoid medications like aspirin and ibuprofen, as well as drinking alcohol.

Pressure on the lips, sun exposure and extreme heat should also be avoided, as should strenuous exercise, wearing lipstick and smoking. It is important to ensure you drink plenty of water.

During your pre-treatment consultation, you will be fully informed regarding the potential complications that can occur as a result of having lip fillers. Although these effects are rare, they can include prolonged swelling, asymmetric lips, infection, tissue loss, ulceration and scarring.