Spider Vein Removal in Surrey

Light Touch Clinic is committed to ensuring the best customer care for spider vein (thread vein) removal in Surrey.

Spider Vein Removal in Surrey

Spider vein removal in Surrey is available from the highly experienced team at Light Touch Clinic, based in Weybridge. For the reduction & removal of vascular lesions.

Spider Vein Removal Treatment in Surrey

Our Surrey clinic is led by Dr Natalie Geary, who has an international reputation for excellence in aesthetics. Light Touch is trusted by clients for spider vein removal and other skin treatments that restore and enhance natural beauty throughout Surrey and the rest of the UK.

Spider vein removal at Light Touch Clinic in Surrey is carried out by highly trained practitioners using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), an innovative treatment that will leave your skin clear and smooth once more.

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Treatment Time

30 minutes





Expected Results

Reduced appearance of spider veins



Long-term results

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Spider Vein Removal in Surrey

Spider Vein Treatments At Our Surrey Clinic

Light Touch Clinic uses a premium IPL machine from Lynton Lasers. The device is placed against the skin and pulsed waves of light are directed onto the spider veins. The light heats the veins making the red blood cells thicken, preventing further blood flow. This process is perfectly safe as your blood will simply find a neighbouring healthy vessel to flow through. 

The treated veins will soon wither away. IPL is particularly effective for rosacea and spider veins on the face. 

Treatments for spider vein removal in Surrey usually take about 30 minutes, and several sessions may be needed to achieve the desired result. Get in touch with the Light Touch team to find out more about the treatment and if it’s right for you.

Spider Vein Removal Process


During your consultation at our clinic in Surrey, our aesthetic experts will discuss the treatment and whether it is right for you. From this, they will be able to generate a tailored treatment plan.


Spider vein removal at Light Touch in Surrey only takes 30 minutes to complete, with minimal downtime. Our powerful IPL device targets vascular anomalies precisely to ensure their appearance fades.


Spider vein removal treatment is very successful, it is capable of reducing the appearance of most spider veins to leave an even, clear skin tone.

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Spider Vein Removal – Frequently Asked Questions

During your initial consultation, we will be able to discuss the suitability of spider vein treatment for you. In most cases, our IPL treatment is extremely effective and highly recommended for those who want to reduce the appearance of vascular anamolies.
Light Touch Clinic uses an IPL device by Lynton Lasers, a leading brand in the UK. The welfare and safety of all patients is important to the clinic and every step is taken to ensure treatments are carried out safely and efficiently.

IPL is clinically considered to have very good safety rates and all practitioners at Light Touch Clinic are regularly trained and updated, according to the latest technologies and techniques.

The Intense Pulsed Light treatment may cause a warming of the skin, and practitioners can offer cooling treatments if clients require them; however, the treatment should not cause significant discomfort. 

There may be a small amount of bruising or discolouration for 12 to 25 hours after treatment, but this is mild and temporary. After a few sessions, this period of bruising will get shorter.

Spider veins are sometimes called thread veins, but their real name is telangiectasias. They can appear red, blue, or sometimes even purple. Their web-like appearance is caused by clusters of tiny damaged blood vessels near the surface of the skin. 

The damage is caused when the one-way valves in the veins weaken and allow blood to flow backward rather than forwards. The pressure of the extra volume of blood causes the wall of the vein to bulge, and over time unsightly discoloration of the skin will occur.

IPL treatment is highly effective and will dramatically improve the appearance of the veins treated, restoring your smooth skin tone. However, many people experience spider veins simply as part of normal ageing or due to unavoidable factors such as genetic inheritance and hormones.

You may find that you experience spider veins again in the future elsewhere on your skin. If so, you will be able to have IPL treatment again.

After spider vein removal you can expect a smoother, more even tone to the skin. This can be achieved through a series of treatments ranging from 1 – 5 sessions, depending on your individual case and desired results.

The appearance can look younger, brighter and clearer for a considerable amount of time. The condition of your skin will be analysed at a pre-treatment consultation upon which your practitioner can recommend the right treatment variation and advise how long the results are likely to last.

Mild swelling and bruising are often seen in patients, following this treatment and will usually ease within 12 – 24 hours. It is common for the skin on the treated area to become darker for up to 1 week, which will return to your normal tone, after this time.

However, as your treatment course progresses, this period of skin discolouration will get shorter.

Spider veins on the face can be caused by sun damage, drinking alcohol, or can be a symptom of rosacea. Women are more prone to spider veins than men as fluctuating hormones are often a cause. 

Many women first notice spider veins during or after pregnancy, and both the pill and HRT can be risk factors. However, age, sitting and standing for long periods, weight gain, and family history can all play a part. 

The Light Touch Clinic was established in Surrey by Dr Natalie Geary in 2009. Dr Geary is passionate about innovation, and she has brought the cutting-edge technology and pioneering aesthetic treatments usually found in London clinics to leafy Weybridge. 

The clinic is aptly named Light Touch, as Dr Geary’s attitude to beauty treatments is that they should make the most of your natural beauty rather than change your appearance dramatically. 

The Light Touch team members are all highly qualified and experienced, and committed to the safety and comfort of their clients. Click to find out more about the Light Touch team.