Skin Resurfacing in Surrey

Light Touch clinic is a leading provider of skin resurfacing treatments in Surrey.

Skin Resurfacing Treatment in Surrey

Our award-winning clinic in Surrey is led by approved medical experts, making it a trusted choice for your skin enhancement journey. We specialise in IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and Dermalux LED skin resurfacing treatments.

Skin Resurfacing At Our Surrey Clinic

Skin resurfacing is a way to improve the skin’s surface and texture by using lasers, intense pulsed light or photodynamic therapy to remove layers of the outer skin. New skin cells are generated during the healing process, leaving tighter and more youthful-looking skin – helping to reduce the appearance of lines, spots and wrinkles.

Light Touch clinic in Weybridge, Surrey offers a free, no-obligation consultation, where you can find out more about skin resurfacing treatments in Surrey and discuss your aesthetic goals.

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Treatment Time

30 minutes





Expected Results

A more even skin tone & texture



2 months – long term depending on treatment

LED Light Therapy
Light Touch Clinic

Skin Resurfacing in Surrey

Why Choose Skin Resurfacing?

Over time, the quality and youthful properties of the skin can begin to dwindle leaving a dull, damaged and tired complexion. Exposure to sun or use of cosmetic creams and ointments that may not be as good for our skin as we think can actually speed up the rate at which the skin’s structure changes, resulting in premature ageing.

The visible signs of ageing in the skin include fine lines, wrinkles, dull or dry skin and skin laxity. Skin resurfacing is an effective way to combat these signs of ageing, by using a process that encourages regeneration of skin cells.

Skin Resurfacing With Light Touch Clinic

With an enviable reputation, Dr Geary has established the Light Touch clinic as a first-rate provider of aesthetic treatments to clients across Surrey.

With an excellent reputation and outstanding results, the team of experienced practitioners are on hand to work closely with each patient to achieve desired goals. If you’re considering skin resurfacing treatments in Surrey and looking for an approved clinic, Light Touch offers a superior experience in a professional yet comfortable setting.

Skin Resurfacing Treatments We Use in Surrey


Intense pulsed light treatment that helps uneven skin tone and rejuvenates the skin by reducing pigmentation and thread (spider) veins.

DermaLux LED Light Therapy

The Dermalux LED lamp delivers controlled wavelengths of red, blue and infrared light into the skin, at the required depth, to target cells damaged by UV radiation.

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Before & after IPL treatment

Skin Resurfacing – Frequently Asked Questions

Longevity of results will depend on the treatment you have – some skin resurfacing treatments can have long term results while others last for 2 – 3 months. Many of our Surrey clients have repeated sessions to produce greater results.

Each treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes and clients can usually go about their daily business immediately afterwards with very little downtime.

Treatment costs can be discussed during your initial consultation as this will depend on which skin resurfacing treatment you require and the number of treatments needed to achieve your desired results.
During your initial consultation at our clinic in Surrey, our skin experts will assess whether you are suitable for skin resurfacing treatment, they will also advice you on which treatment is bets suited for you.

Meet The Light Touch Team

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Dr Natalie Geary

Medical Director

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Hayley Toogood

Emerald Lead / Front of House

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Sammy Wilson

Senior Aesthetician

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