Laser Hair Reduction in Surrey

Experience a 5-star laser hair reduction treatment at our clinic in Surrey.

Laser Hair Reduction in Surrey

Light Touch Clinic is a leading provider of laser hair reduction in Surrey – implementing the highest standards in laser hair reduction for both men and women.

Laser Hair Reduction in Surrey

We offer affordable and approved laser hair reduction treatments in Surrey and have helped many men and women achieve long-lasting cosmetic results. Laser hair reduction is an excellent and effective solution to target unwanted hair, which is a common problem experienced by men and women alike.

If you’re tired of shaving or waxing, laser hair reduction is an increasingly popular treatment to remove unwanted hair and eliminate the need for regular, time-consuming hair reduction routines.

By choosing the Light Touch Clinic for laser hair reduction in Surrey, you can rest assured you’re in excellent hands to begin your journey to reaching your cosmetic goals. Laser hair reduction is suitable for most parts of the face and body, and is a gradual process made up of multiple treatments.

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Underarm LHR

Treatment Time

30 mins – 2 hours





Number of Treatments

Between 8-10 sessions



Permanent hair reduction

Prices From £65

Laser Hair Removal on Face
Laser hair removal leg
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Laser Hair Reduction in Surrey

How Our Laser Hair Reduction Sessions Work

Light Touch Clinic uses Alexandrite and diode laser technologies to deliver a powerful beam of light deep into the skin’s layers as part of its effective laser hair reduction treatment. Darker pigments in the hair follicle absorb the targeted light beam which in turn destroys the hair follicle, thus preventing regrowth.

Clients who undergo laser hair reduction treatment at our Surrey clinic can expect to be left with soft and smooth skin with a significant reduction in hair regrowth, following a course of treatment.

• Safe, easy & proven effective
• Softens & smooths your skin
• Works on all skin and hair types
• Saves you time & money by not shaving or waxing
• Frees you from ingrown hairs & razor burn

Areas We Laser


Got peach fuzz? We’ve got you covered from your eyebrows to your chin and everywhere in between.


For a perfectly groomed bikini line, experience our tailored laser hair reduction in Surrey, designed for precision and comfort.


Tired of daily underarm shaving? Fed up with forearm hair? Experience continuous smoothness from your shoulders to your fingertips.


Meticulously targeting areas such as the chest, shoulders, and back. Delivering lasting results, ensuring a smooth and confident you.


Enjoy the freedom of bare legs with our expert-led laser hair reduction in Surrey, providing lasting results for irresistibly smooth skin.


Elevate your confidence with our specialised men’s & women’s laser hair reduction in Surrey, delivering impeccable results for a refined and polished appearance.

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Laser Hair Reduction – Frequently Asked Questions

Our award-winning laser hair reduction therapy is both safe and efficient for a variety of skin types. The team at Light Touch Clinic consists of competent professionals who receive ongoing training to uphold the clinic’s stringent quality standards, ensuring the provision of a service that prioritises patient safety and contentment.

Laser hair reduction session lengths differ depending on the body area undergoing treatment. For example, underarm procedures usually last about 10 minutes, treatment for half arms or lower legs might take around 20 minutes, and sessions for a full back and shoulders could go up to 45 minutes. A complete full-body treatment may take up to 2 hours.

Prices vary depending on the course of treatment needed and each client’s desired hair reduction goal. All costs will be discussed during an initial no-obligation consultation with one of our medically trained professionals at the Light Touch Clinic in Surrey. 

The Soprano Ice laser platform is used for all of our laser hair reduction treatments, is compatible with a wide range of skin types and colours, and it’s also effective on sensitive, tanned skin.

Before proceeding with the treatment, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your unwanted hair during a consultation. This assessment allows our practitioners to determine if this treatment is right for you and to set realistic expectations for the outcomes.

Light Touch Clinic has an excellent reputation for delivering safe, successful results. We will talk to you about any possible side effects or risks during the pre-treatment consultation, including the chance of developing skin redness, blistering, bruising, swelling, skin discolouration and bacterial infections. The team at Light Touch Clinic is always available to discuss any concerns regarding Soprano laser hair removal, before, during or after the procedure.

The number of treatments needed for effective laser hair reduction will depend on the client’s desired goal and the area of skin to be treated. Each patient at our Surrey clinic will undergo a full assessment during the consultation phase, to determine suitability for laser hair reduction treatment.