Men’s Laser Hair Removal

Long-term men’s laser hair removal with the Alma Soprano Laser.

Men’s Laser Hair Removal Surrey

We specialise in men’s laser hair removal treatment in our Weybridge-based clinic powered by the Alma Soprano Ice laser.

Soprano ICE Men’s Laser Hair Removal

Our men’s laser hair removal in Weybridge offers a fast and effective solution to long-term hair removal. Light Touch Clinic is a multi-award-winning aesthetic clinic in the heart of Weybridge, Surrey. We use the state-of-the-art Alma Soprano ICE system for all of our men’s laser hair removal treatments.

Soprano ICE laser hair removal is effective for all body areas and works on all skin tones and hair colours. Men’s laser hair removal is a very successful treatment with an expected reduction of around 90% of hair growth.

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Underarm LHR

Treatment Time

30 mins – 2 hours





Number of Treatments

Between 8-10 sessions



Permanent hair reduction

Prices From £65

Mens LHR
Laser hair removal leg
Alma Soprano

Men’s Laser Hair Removal

The Benefits

The Alma Soprano Ice platform used for our men’s laser hair removal treatments combines powerful Alexandrite and diode laser technologies to deliver energy directly to the hair follicles for long-term hair reduction, even for the thickest of hairs.

Your comfort is managed throughout the treatment by “ICE” technology, which regulates surface skin temperature to make for a more comfortable, safer treatment. Patients can expect to see fantastic results from a treatment that takes as little as 30 minutes. Our men’s laser hair removal experts ensure complete discretion throughout all sessions.

• Safe, easy & proven effective
• Softens & smooths your skin
• Works on all skin and hair types
• Saves you time & money by not shaving or waxing
• Frees you from ingrown hairs & razor burn

Areas We Laser

Face & Neck

Our face & neck treatments are perfect for creating a defined beardline or for long-term hair reduction.


Men’s laser hair removal for the arms can help to reduce hair growth both on the arms and in the underarms.


Our discreet intimate men’s laser hair removal provides long-term hair removal for all male intimate areas.


Men’s laser hair removal to target areas such as the chest, shoulders, and back. Delivering lasting results, ensuring a smooth and confident you.


Enjoy smooth, hair-free legs with our expert-led men’s laser hair removal, providing lasting results for smooth skin.

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Men’s Laser Hair Removal – Frequently Asked Questions

This award-winning laser hair removal treatment is safe and effective for most skin types. Our men’s laser hair removal specialists at Light Touch Clinic are highly skilled and undergo regular training to uphold the clinic’s rigorous standards, ensuring patient safety and satisfaction with every treatment.

The length of each men’s laser hair removal session depends on the specific body part being treated. For example, underarm treatments usually take about 10 minutes, while half-arm or lower leg treatments may take around 20 minutes. Full back and shoulder sessions can last up to 45 minutes, and a comprehensive full-body treatment may extend to 2 hours.
The final results of men’s laser hair removal will gradually develop over time. To achieve the desired outcome, it is recommended to complete the suggested number of treatment sessions. Your skin may feel slightly sensitive for about 24 hours after the procedure. Avoid sun exposure, sunbeds, and other tanning methods for up to 7 days post-treatment, as well as extreme heat. Swimming pools should be avoided for around 48 hours, and refrain from using skin creams for a few days.
You will need to stop waxing or tweezing six weeks before your men’s laser hair removal treatment. Additionally, avoid sun exposure and spray tans for two weeks before the procedure.

It’s also necessary to shave the treatment area prior to your appointment. All of these instructions will be detailed during your consultation with us.

Soprano ICE men’s laser hair removal is suitable for most skin types and tones, including tanned and sensitive skin. Before treatment, we will conduct a thorough assessment of your unwanted hair during a consultation. This will allow our practitioners to determine your suitability for the treatment and provide an expectation of the results.
The ‘ICE’ technology integrated into the Alma Soprano ICE laser minimises discomfort during men’s laser hair removal sessions. Continuously monitoring the skin’s surface temperature, helps alleviate any uncomfortable sensations and reduces skin irritation.
Light Touch Clinic is renowned for delivering safe and successful results. During your pre-treatment consultation, we will discuss any potential side effects or risks, including the possibility of skin redness, blistering, bruising, swelling, discolouration, and bacterial infections. Our team is always available to address any concerns about Soprano men’s laser hair removal before, during, and after the procedure.