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Weight loss programmes can prove unsuccessful for many reasons, with the majority involving some form of exercise. For some people, strict fitness regimes are unsustainable and offer only short-term results, whereas for others, exercise seems to have little effect on their weight. If this sounds familiar, the reason you may be struggling to drop a dress size may be due to an inactive lymphatic system. Our state-of-the-art Body Ballancer® Lymphatic Drainage Suit provides a quick and easy solution to this problem. 

What Is The Lymphatic System?

Sitting alongside the body’s cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system plays a preventive role in developing health concerns. Whereas the heart acts as a pump circulating blood through the body, the lymphatic system relies solely on breathing and bodily movement to control the flow of lymphatic fluid. 

The lymphatic system performs three critical functions.

  1. It removes excess fluid and waste products from the spaces between cells and organs of the body.
  2. It removes toxins and dead blood cells, which aids the immune system.
  3. It helps to absorb fats and fat-soluble vitamins and delivers nutrients to cells.

A sedentary lifestyle combined with a poor diet can reduce the function of the lymphatic system. This can cause a range of issues, including tissue swelling, excess weight, cellulite, fatigue and problems with the immune system. 

How Does The Lymphatic Drainage Suit Work?

Before treatment, you will be helped into the Body Ballancer® garments and asked to lie down on the massage treatment table. A combination of 24 overlapping air chambers are programmed to apply the exact amount of pressure to specific areas of the body. This massaging technique pumps up the lymphatic system, stimulating the circulation of fluids. The garment’s gradual and gentle inflation provides a comfortable and relaxing experience. Patients report feeling lighter, more energised and refreshed post-treatment.

Benefits Of The Body Ballancer®

Removes Toxins And Waste Products

The Lymphatic Drainage Suit is a specially designed garment that uses advanced compression to gently massage different areas of the body. This flushes out excess toxins, fluids and waste products that have accumulated due to lack of movement.

Accelerates Weight Loss

When the body breaks down fat, toxins are released. These toxins accumulate in the fat until they are eliminated by the lymphatic system. The Lymphatic Drainage Suit acts like a pump, improving the circulation of toxin-rich fluid and accelerating weight loss. 

Lessens Fluid Retention

The Body Ballancer® targets the lymphatic vessels and nodes that sit just below the skin. When the right pressure is applied, buildups of fluid known as oedemas are able to move through the lymphatic system, reducing water or fluid retention.  

Reduces The Appearance Of Cellulite

Oedemas can restrict or push out adipose cells, creating the bumpy texture of cellulite. The Lymphatic Drainage Suit aids the reabsorption of fluids and improves circulation which, in turn, diminishes the appearance of cellulite. A course of treatments is recommended to achieve smoother-looking skin. 

Part Of The Dr. GoFigure! Weight Loss Programme

The Body Ballancer® is part of our brand-new, health and lifestyle programme, Dr. GoFigure!. The Lymphatic Drainage Suit is one of 9 components that helps patients to lose weight and keep it off. On top of weekly Body Ballancer® treatments, patients receive bespoke nutritional consultations, metabolically tracked exercise sessions and, most importantly, a change in mindset. Many traditional weight loss plans result in failure, yet Dr. GoFigure! guarantees results.

See The Body Ballancer® In Action

To see a live demonstration of our revolutionary Lymphatic Drainage Suit and other body sculpting technologies, attend the Dr. GoFigure! launch event on 28th April. With the purchase of a £30 ticket, you will also receive a 1-2-1 consultation, enjoy live music, drinks and nibbles, and go home with a Dr. GoFigure! Water bottle and hoodie. What’s more, you can save £3500 on the complete 9-component plan when you sign up to the Dr. GoFigure! programme at the launch event, or before the 28th April. 

For more information about the Body Ballancer® Lymphatic Drainage Suit, call 01932 849 552 today. To explore the Dr. GoFigure! programme in more detail, or to reserve your place at the launch event, click here