fit woman running up stairs

Over the past few decades, there has been an incredible shift in the way that technology has become a massive part of our everyday lives, and how these advancements have enhanced the way we live to make us more productive, more efficient and in recent times, better connected with each other.

Whether at work with the evolution of computer technology, laptops, or the internet, at home with the likes of on-demand television, social media, and even microwave ovens, or at play when gaming, be that on a mobile device or the latest console, and even throughout the travel industry – one thing that we can’t overlook is technology being at the very core of how we interact in every situation in our daily lives.

We take advantage of technology in so many ways, and as a Doctor, it’s important for me to consider how we can use technology to improve our well-being. That begs the question; Is the use of technology to bust fat fact, fad or fiction? Let me tell you….

This is the first article in a series, in which we take a closer look at how we use technology to take ordinary people from ‘fighting fat’ to ‘fighting fit’. I see people from all walks of life, each with differing ideals when it comes to their body image. One common theme that comes up time and time again is sustainable weight loss, and how this can be achieved ‘quickly’ and with minimum effort.

The first thing I always recommend is a healthy lifestyle (don’t yawn, it’s about to get good). A balanced diet and an active lifestyle are always going to be the healthiest ways to achieve and sustain weight loss. In my experience, it is after all the slogging with little effect, that people begin to give up on the idea that they can ever achieve the body beautiful and slump back into their old ways; demotivated and feeling resigned to the fact they may well be overweight forever.

So what can we do when we’ve spent months, or even years, eating well and exercising yet we still have those annoying little pouches of stubborn fat that just won’t shift? Or worse still, we just don’t see any significant change at all, and are still as overweight as you were at the start? What if you feel too self-conscious to go to the gym? And what about those of us who just find it difficult?

With increasingly busy lives and being ever ‘on demand’, who (other than the super motivated amongst us) really wants to do a day’s hard graft – working, chasing the children or looking after the home – then spend their relaxation time ‘exercising’ when it’s far more of a reward to curl up and pop something great on Netflix?!

This is where we can start to think about how we may turn to technology to intervene.

Let me introduce you to your new groupies – Meet: Coolsculpting, Vanquish, Elixis, Unison and EmSculpt. Remember these names people, for they’re about to become your new BFF’s! Not only does this gang give you that quick fix you’re yearning for, but they are also reliable, and safe and they have your best interests at heart. When they’ve done their job and you’re flaunting your flat tum or boasting about your booty, you’ll also feel motivated and more likely to make healthier lifestyle choices with a newfound respect for your fabulous new physique!

I have been using fat reduction devices at my clinic for around 6 years or more, and as sure as I am writing this, it is my experience that people who have lost fat easily are far more inclined to take a healthier approach to their diet. Yes, they’ve found a quick win, but they also want to maintain or capitalise on it to further enhance their results.

Sustainable weight loss is simple – when you know how – and I can tell you, it’s definitely FACT.

Throughout this series of articles, we are going to be getting under the hood of these fantastic devices and exploring the unique abilities of each of them, as well as how they can propel your personal fat loss journey.

The aim of these devices is not to cure you, but to change you. To change your body, your mindset and ultimately your life. Everybody deserves to look incredible and feel confident and this is our first step to showing you how it’s done.