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How many times have you decided to lose weight? Chances are, more than once. Whether you adopted a new diet or signed up for exercise classes in the past, the first time you see a smaller number on your scale, that unique feeling of satisfaction makes all of the effort seem worthwhile. So why do these efforts not last? And why do the pounds creep back on?   

Mindset is where traditional weight loss programmes fall down. A great number of people believe that losing weight is difficult, so whilst they may enjoy the feeling of loosely fitting jeans in the short-term, their wavering attitude does not allow deep-rooted change. Without the absolute belief in your ability to maintain a new lifestyle, any sort of weight loss programme is a waste of time. That is where Dr. GoFigure! breaks the mould.   

A Weight Loss Programme With A Difference

Natalie Geary, the medical director of Light Touch Clinic, founded the Dr. GoFigure! programme with the goal of helping people to maintain healthy weight loss through a change in mindset. Any personal trainer or nutritionist will tell you that fat reduction involves a combination of diet and exercise, but to keep the weight off requires dedication and determination. The Dr. GoFigure! weight loss programme uses a 9-pronged approach:

  • 1-2-1 Consultation

Begin your healthy and lifestyle journey by discussing your reasons for weight loss with Dr. Natalie. Together, you can create achievable goals and explore how to achieve them in detail. Use this time to ask any questions that you may have about Dr. GoFigure! and to become familiar with each step of the programme. 

  • Exact measurements taken using a 3D scanner

Any measure of progress begins with an accurate record of where you began. During your first session at Light Touch Clinic, a state-of-the-art 3D scanner will capture your exact measurements, generating your baseline metabolism to calculate the exact number of calories you need to consume each day. This process will be repeated at week 5 and again at the end of the programme. 

  • Personalised nutritional consultation

Receive detailed health and nutrition guidance uniquely tailored to your individual needs during a private consultation. This may include tips on how to reduce your alcohol consumption, an exploration into how the body uses different food groups, or simply how to start eating less and moving more. 

  • Lumen metabolic tracker reveals when you are burning fat

By blowing into a small handheld Lumen device, the amount of CO2 you are generating will be calculated. If your CO2 levels are high, you are burning carbohydrates and if they are low, you are burning fat. This allows you to optimise your fat burning and informs your diet moving forward.   

  • Accelerated weight loss with the Emerald Laser 

The Emerald Laser uses light energy to create a small transitory pore in targeted fat cells, allowing fatty liquids to seep out. Fats then sit outside of the cell as freely available energy to use for up to 70 hours. Clients are encouraged to use this energy by exercising or restricting their diet before the fat moves back into the cell. 

  • Lymphatic Drainage Suit eliminates toxins

When your body breaks down fat, it releases toxins. The mixture of fatty liquid and toxins is naturally flushed out of the body through your lymphatic system, however, movement is required for this to function efficiently. The Lymphatic Drainage Suit improves lymphatic circulation, facilitating weight loss. 

  • Electromuscular Stimulation (EMS) Suit 

Enhance your workouts by stimulating every part of the muscle with the EMS Suit. This cutting-edge technology helps to build muscle and fight atrophy by increasing the frequency and duration of muscle contraction. A member of the Light Touch team will supervise your workout, tracking your data using the Lumen device. This ensures you are getting the most out of your exercise. 

  • 10-part weight loss podcast series 

When you sign up to Dr. GoFigure!, you receive access to a 10-part podcast series that provides an in-depth introduction to diet, exercise and weight loss. Topics include the science behind gut function, hormones, intermittent fasting, and the effects of stress and sleep on weight loss. Armed with this knowledge, you are better informed in your weight loss journey and more likely to maintain results.

  • Become part of the Dr. GoFigure! community 

The Dr. GoFigure! programme seeks to create a community of likeminded people who wish to share their weight loss journey together. Upon joining the programme, you will be invited to join a private Facebook group in which you will find a group of people ready to share your triumphs and support you when morale dips. Being part of a community makes weight loss even more achievable.  

Join Our Dr. GoFigure! Launch Event

To kickstart our brand-new, transformative weight loss programme, Light Touch Clinic invites you to its Dr. GoFigure! launch event. Join the team on the 28th April to observe live demonstrations, ask questions during your private 1-2-1 consultation and enjoy music, drinks and nibbles. And if all of that wasn’t enough, take home a free Dr. GoFigure! hoodie and water bottle too! What’s more, save £3500 when you sign up to the complete 9-part Dr. GoFigure! programme before 28th April. 

For more information about our guaranteed weight loss programme, or the Dr. GoFigure! launch event, call 01932 849 552 today.